Faculty Emeriti

University of Maryland Global Campus recognizes faculty who have adhered to the university’s stated core values, including upholding standards of academic excellence and putting students first. A distinguished record of research and service may support the decision to award emeritus status, but in all cases, the candidate must possess a record of exemplary teaching.

UMGC's Faculty Emeriti

Robert Abrahamson, PhD
Molley Affleck (European Division)
Michael Apichella, PhD
Anita Baker, PhD
Evelyn Bata, PhD
Alan Ertl, PhD
Emmett Fleming, Phd, JD
David Garretson, PhD
Christine Hannah, PhD
Stephen Holowenzak, PhD
Mary Ellen Hrutka, PhD
Robert Jerome, PhD
Warren Johnson
Gary Kissick, PhD
Elizabeth Laura Lathrop, PhD
Tobe Levin, PhD
James Moss Paul Page, PhD
Richard Powers
Ronald Schlundt, PhD
Linda Schmitt
Claudine Schweber, PhD
Theodore Stone, PhD
Mary Liana Stover, PhD
Ronald Taubitz, PhD
Deborah Tevis-Noelting, JD
Alena Vanderborght, PhD

Administrators Emeriti

UMGC recognizes former university administrators who provided meritorious service to the university and continue to be valued members of the UMGC community at large.

President Emeritus

Javier Miyares

Provosts Emeriti

Nicholas H. Allen, DPA
Marie A. Cini, PhD

Administrator Emeritus

Lawrence E. Leak, PhD

Overseas Administrators Emeriti

Joseph Arden, PhD
Julian Jones, PhD
Paula Harbecke, PhD
John Golembe, PhD