Welcome to the Graduate School at University of Maryland Global Campus.

Thank you for choosing to pursue your graduate studies at UMGC. We recognize the commitment you are making to earn a master's or doctoral degree while you are likely also working, serving in the military, or raising a family. In returning to school, you are making a significant investment of your time, effort, and financial commitment, which we recognize and appreciate. 

UMGC is dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals. Faculty with academic and practical experience bring a wealth of knowledge about their disciplines and industries to the courses that they develop and teach. Our approach to learning focuses on immersive experiences that prepare you to solve real-world problems and make immediate contributions in your current position or next career move. Several of our degrees help prepare you for industry certifications, essential to demonstrating your expertise and building your career. 

As you learn online with UMGC, you are building experience in working virtually. In your courses, you will develop the skill set to work with and lead virtual teams to meet common goals. In doing so, you will build a network of people around the world with whom you can connect with for a lifetime.

There is no doubt that challenges await, but your hard work and perseverance will count. The Graduate School is ready to assist you in making your educational journey rewarding. Should you need assistance or want to provide feedback to improve our programs, please do not hesitate to contact my office at graddean@umuc.edu. Most of all, enjoy your studies. I look forward to shaking your hand at graduation in the near future!

Douglas Harrison, PhD
Acting Dean and Vice Provost
The Graduate School