The Academic Advisory Board at UMGC serves as an advisory body committed to providing advice that is representative of the views of faculty constituencies across the university for the purpose of improving the academic experience at UMGC. The AAB strives to enhance stewardship of the curriculum such that the student learning experience is continuously improved, enhanced, and optimized. The AAB also serves as a liaison between the university leadership and the university-wide faculty constituency for the purpose of keeping faculty informed about academic issues.

The UMGC administration may solicit advice from the AAB in the following areas:

  • Curriculum design and delivery, including learning and learning evaluation, implementation of technologies, pedagogies, and tools
  • The implementation of policies and processes that impact faculty, teaching, and the learning experience
  • Policies and processes related to the student learning experience
  • Other specific academic issues and/or insights given their special knowledge and expertise
  • Changes in the academic/higher education landscape, affecting the learning environment, the competitive framework, or learning science
For more information, please review the complete Academic Advisory Board policy.