Policy 353.10

Waiver of Tuition for Graduating Seniors

Originator: Vice President, Administration

Subject: Waiver of Tuition for Graduating Seniors

  1. Tuition for UMUC courses may be waived for graduating seniors enrolled as full-time students at other institutions of the University of Maryland System (UMS) under the following conditions:
    1. The student must be enrolled on a full-time basis with another USM institution and proof of such enrollment must be submitted at the time of the registration.
    2. A student must be a graduating senior who is required to take a specific course but is unable to enroll in it through his/her regular program because:
      1. that course is not offered during that particular semester through his/her regular, day-time program, or
      2. his/her schedule for that course coincides with another course which he/she is required to take, and
      3. without taking this course during the current semester his/her graduation would be delayed, thus imposing a hardship to the student.
  2. The Provost or the Dean of the institution in which the student is enrolled should complete a letter or form certifying to the fact that the student fulfills all other conditions identified under section 2a, 2b, and 2c. 3. Waiver of fees is granted for one course only.
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Policy Number 353.10 SW-1
Date 10/01/96 06/29/84