Policy 025.00

Centers and Institutes

Originator: Provost

Subject: Centers and Institutes at University of Maryland Global Campus

  1. In accordance with the Board of Regents (BOR) Policy IV-1.00 Policy for the Establishment and Review of Centers and Institutes in the University of Maryland System, approved on January 11, 1990, the development of all UMGC Centers and Institutes must be related to the UMGC mission to:
    1. develop and deliver academic programs and services for part-time, adult students, and
    2. extend the resources of UMGC to the nation and the world through instructional programs, applied research, and service.
  2. The establishment of a Center or Institute at UMGC must be approved by the President.
  3. All UMGC Centers and Institutes are subject to applicable BOR and UMGC policies.
  4. As referenced in BOR Policy IV-1.00, the establishment of a Center or Institute that is multi-institutional shall require the approval of the Chancellor.
  5. All Centers and Institutes are subject to an annual financial review by the Chief Academic Officer or designee. The Provost or designee will conduct a periodic mission review for all Centers and Institutes. A written report of each financial and periodic mission review will be filed with the President.
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Date 3/29/11 4/13/01