Returning Students

It's never too late to return to UMGC and get back on track toward your educational goals.

Welcome back. We're so glad you've decided to return to University of Maryland Global Campus. There are a few special requirements for former students to re-enroll, so please take a look at the guidelines below.

Students Seeking Readmission

If it has been more than two years since your last registration at UMGC, you must complete a new application for admission. If you were previously an undergraduate student and are enrolling as an undergraduate student again, you will not be required to pay another application fee. Likewise, if you were previously a graduate student and are enrolling as a graduate student again, you will not be required to pay another application fee. However, if you graduated from a UMGC undergraduate program and are enrolling as a graduate student, you are required to pay an application fee.

If you attended UMGC Asia or UMGC Europe within the past two years, please visit your online student account to complete a relocation form in your student account instead of submitting an application for admission.

If you are a servicemember who discontinued studies with UMGC due to service obligations and would now like to return as a UMGC student, please contact or 877-275-8682 so that we can help you continue with your studies. For more information, please see UMGC Policy 210.12: Readmission for Military Servicemembers and the Department of Education's policy on readmission for servicemembers.

If you are returning to UMGC after more than two years since your last registration, you may need to update your military documentation to ensure that you receive the reduced rate for eligible military servicemembers, spouses, and dependent children. Documentation must meet certain criteria, including the current military service expiration date for the servicemember or sponsor.

A Note to Former Overseas UMGC Students Now Living in the United States

If you attended one of UMGC's overseas divisions, are now living in the United States, and wish to take online courses, please contact or 877-275-8682.

If you attend one of our overseas divisions and wish to graduate from that division, you will need to contact the last UMGC division you attended for further instructions. To request transcripts or to receive degree completion information, write directly to the appropriate division listed below.

European Division
University of Maryland Global Campus
Unit 29216
APO AE 09102
Fax: 011-49-6221-378300
UMGC Europe website

Asian Division
University of Maryland Global Campus
Unit 5060, Box 0100
APO AP 96328-0100
Fax: 011-81-425-51-8305
UMGC Asia Website

Previously Dismissed Undergraduate Students

Dismissed from Another Institution

A suspension or expulsion from another institution may affect your eligibility for admission. Please see our Undergraduate Admission Policy for more details.

Dismissed from UMGC

If you were dismissed from UMGC and you would like to be readmitted, you must first petition for reinstatement, then reapply.

If you were dismissed from UMGC for academic reasons, see the undergraduate catalog for information on the reinstatement process.

Reinstatement Procedures

If you were academically dismissed from UMGC, you are not eligible to register again for UMGC courses until after you are reinstated. To be considered for reinstatement, you should demonstrate that you have made changes in your academic skills and strategies to increase the likelihood of academic success. To ensure a complete evaluation of transfer credits, send all official transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities (including those attended since academic dismissal) to UMGC. You may direct inquiries to Student Affairs at

We know these petitions are important and you are eager to get back on track, so petitions will be reviewed as quickly as possible, and Student Affairs will notify you of decisions.

Priority Deadlines for Reinstatement

  • Fall enrollment: July 15
  • Spring enrollment: November 15
  • Summer enrollment: April 15

For more information regarding reinstatement, read our academic policies in the Administration section.

Previously Dismissed Graduate Students

If you were dismissed from a graduate program, please see the graduate reinstatement policy in the Administration section. If you were previously dismissed from an undergraduate program and have since completed a regionally accredited bachelor's degree program, you are eligible for re-admission.

UMGC Graduates

If you've graduated from UMGC with a certificate, associate's degree, bachelor's degree, or master's degree, you may be eligible for further credentials that will save time and money. You can turn a certificate into a degree, an associate's into a bachelor's, or a bachelor's into a master's. If you graduated with a bachelor's degree and are pursuing a graduate program, you must apply for admission to the graduate program.