As part of our commitment to helping you get a Fresh Start this year, University of Maryland Global Campus is proud to offer eligible out-of-state undergraduate students a $100-per-credit scholarship on the out-of-state tuition rate with the new Welcome to MD Scholarship!

Rules and Eligibility

How to Earn the Welcome to MD Scholarship

There is no separate application process to receive the Welcome to MD Scholarship. You will be eligible for the scholarship if you meet the required criteria, and UMGC will contact you if you are selected to receive the scholarship.

Apply to UMGC in three easy steps:

  1. Complete the UMGC application for admission.

  2. Have your previous college(s) send official transcripts directly to UMGC.

  3. Contact an admissions advisor who can help you get started at UMGC.

Initial Eligibility Requirements for the Welcome to MD Scholarship

If you are seeking the Welcome to MD Scholarship, you must

  • Meet UMGC’s undergraduate admissions criteria
  • Have filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form
    • UMGC's school code is 011644.
    • Please note: you must have received a financial aid offer letter to be eligible.
  • Be an out-of-state resident who qualifies only for the out-of-state tuition rate
    • Washington D.C./VA residents: UMGC is now offering the Better Together Scholarship only for eligible out-of-state undergraduate students who live in D.C. or Virginia
  • Be seeking your first bachelor's degree
  • Have no prior UMGC enrollment history
  • Have at least 15 college credits approved for transfer to UMGC
  • Plan to enroll for at least 3 credits per term on or after 5/27/21 for the Summer 2021 start date (6/16/21), or any of the Fall 2021 start dates (8/18/21, 9/22/21 or 10/20/21)
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements

Note: New students paying the in-state and military tuition rates are not eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship Disbursement

Your scholarship award amount may be adjusted based on changes you make to your enrollment. You will receive additional scholarship funding if you add eligible courses.

Beginning in the 2021-2022 financial aid year, any scholarship amount you receive for courses you withdraw from, fail, or otherwise do not earn credit for will remain applied to your account, but the award amount may be prorated based on your remaining balance due after other financial aid or tuition cost adjustments are complete. These credits still count toward your maximum attempted credits allowed while receiving this scholarship, regardless of any award amount proration.

Criteria to Renew the Welcome to MD Scholarship

You can renew your scholarship award if you continue to meet the initial eligibility criteria above and meet all the following continuing eligibility criteria:

  • Meet the university's requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Have not exceeded the maximum number of allowable attempted credits at UMGC:
    • For this scholarship: up to 105
  • Enroll in and complete at least 3 credits with a grade of C or better each term. This enrollment must be continuous.

Additional Information

This scholarship cannot be combined with any UMGC tuition discount, including the FED Program discount.

You can earn the Welcome to MD Scholarship in the summer term, but it is not a required term for enrollment. However, if you choose to enroll in summer term courses, you must meet the continuing eligibility criteria outlined above.

If you do not meet the continuing eligibility criteria to maintain this scholarship, you may submit an appeal via the Help Center for the scholarship to be reinstated. Be sure to include your 7-digit UMGC student ID number.

Generally, the only reasons considered for an appeal are limited to extraordinary family and/or medical emergencies or military orders. Your appeal must include a signed personal statement as well as additional documentation that supports your appeal