It doesn't hurt to ask: Your employer might provide tuition assistance to attend University of Maryland Global Campus. If you're unsure whether your employer provides this benefit, we encourage you to check. If your employer does provide these benefits, please follow the directions below to obtain your tuition assistance.

If you're looking for information about military Tuition Assistance, the process varies. Check out Tuition Assistance for Military Personnel to learn more.

Complete a Tuition Assistance Form

Accepted formats include a purchase order, a standardized form from your employer, or a tuition assistance contract on company letterhead. UMGC cannot accept a tuition assistance contract if it restricts payment or is in any way conditional. Your tuition assistance form must contain the following information:

  • A specific description of fees, charges, and the amount to be assumed by your employer, such as tuition, technology fee or application fee. No credit will be granted for any fees unless specified.
  • Your name and UMGC identification number
  • The semester or term covered by the document
  • The billing address
  • The signature and telephone number of the authorizing official
  • Your employer's Tax Identification Number (recommended)

Submit Your Tuition Assistance Form

You'll submit your tuition assistance form when you register using one of the following methods.

  • Web form (preferred)
    • Visit the Help Center
    • Click "Continue" under the "Open Case/Submit Documents" header
    • For Case Type, select "Billing/Payments" 
    • Under Assistance Category, select "Tuition Assistance" 
    • Complete the remainder of the form, and attach your tuition assistance form. By providing us with the required information in this form, you'll help us expedite the processing time of your authorization
  • E-mail: E-mail your tuition assistance form to (for civilian and corporate tuition assistance only; for military and veterans Tuition Assistance, learn more by visiting Tuition Assistance for Military Personnel)
  • Fax: If fax is the only way you can submit your tuition assistance form, please fax it to 301-985-7858

The Fine Print

  • Please allow 48 hours for your student account to be updated.
  • After your tuition assistance form is posted to your student account, the amount assumed by the agency is deferred to the agency account. No exchange of money has taken place at this time. UMGC reserves the right to reinstate all unpaid tuition assistance invoices back to your student account. You are ultimately responsible for all charges.
  • Tuition assistance forms that are not received within the allotted semester (fall, spring, or summer) will not be posted. Exceptions will be made for deployed soldiers or corrections.
  • Employer credit card payments must be made over the phone by calling 800-888-8682.

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