In addition to the numbering and grading system described on your current transcript, University of Maryland Global Campus has used different categorization systems for official transcripts and grades in the past. These systems are no longer used, but are your documented for your reference.

Course Numbering

Before September 1, 1971, UMGC used the following numbering system for courses:

  • 001–010: Freshman-level courses
  • 011–099: Sophomore-level courses
  • 100–199: Courses for advanced undergraduate students (juniors and seniors) and graduate students (if previously admitted to graduate school)
  • 200–499: Courses for graduate students
  • 399: Master's thesis credit
  • 499: Doctoral thesis credit

From September 1, 1971, to the fall 2001 term (undergraduate) and from January 1, 1973 to fall 2001 (graduate), courses numbered 001–099 did not count toward GPA calculations. These courses have been included in GPA calculations ever since the first term following fall 2001.

Prior to 1973, the master's thesis credit may be numbered 799.

Grading System

All of the following grades received zero quality points:

  • AUD: Audit 
  • F(a): Failure, academic
  • F(s): Failure, scholastic
  • H: No credit; course taken but out of sequence
  • N: Non-completion of an institutional education requirement
  • NG: No grade recorded
  • Outreach: Course completed for nonresident credit
  • T: Audit
  • WX: Withdrawal during first half of term
  • WP: Withdrawal during second half of term
  • WF: Withdrawal during second half of term while failing the course
  • X: Ceased to attend classes under emergency circumstances preventing withdrawal
  • Z: Canceled

Other Notes Previously Used

Graduate-level "in-service" courses or staff development courses could count toward some graduate degrees.

At student's request, MGA (Master of General Administration) degrees conferred between 1991 and 1998 were converted to Master of Science degrees.