Whether you're funding your college education, planning for a family, or planning your retirement, becoming financially literate is essential to making informed decisions that will help protect your assets and your economic future. The goal of this site from University of Maryland Global Campus is to empower you with the basic information and tools you'll need to help better manage your money and financial opportunities.

Resources for Managing Your Finances

Improve your budgeting with tools and money-saving tips.

Estimate your costs and aid with our college financing plan.

Read info on managing your debt, including loan payments.

Find info and tips for repaying your student loan.

Get definitions of financial terms.

Learn about using credit cards responsibly.

Find helpful tips for preventing identity theft.

What is Financial Literacy?

The Government Accountability Office describes financial literacy as: the ability to make informed judgments and to take effective actions regarding current and future use and management of money.

Financial literacy encompasses both financial education and consumers’ behavior as it relates to their ability to make informed judgments. Financial education refers to the processes whereby individuals improve their knowledge and understanding of financial products, services, and concepts. However, being financially literate refers to more than simply being knowledgeable about financial matters—it also entails using that knowledge to make effective decisions, avoid pitfalls, and take other actions to improve one’s present and long-term financial well-being.

Money Basics