The Office of Student Accounts at University of Maryland Global Campus is pleased to offer e-billing statements, electronic versions of paper statements or invoices created after activity is updated on your student account. If activity such as a new charge, adjustment, or refund posts on your account, a notification will be generated by the following business day from Student Accounts. The statement will be delivered to your preferred e-mail address in MyUMGC and will contain your EMPLID, balance, and due date, as well as a link to the Student Account Center, where you can sign in to access your e-billing statement and make payments.

You may opt-in to receive additional notifications from the following sources:

Add a secondary e-mail address. To add a secondary e-mail address, sign in to the Student Account Center. Under My Account > Personal Profile, enter an alternative e-mail address. Save your changes. If you enter a secondary e-mail address, the communications generated from the Student Account Center will be delivered to both e-mail addresses on file.

Opt-in to receive text notifications. To opt-in to receive text messaging, sign in to the Student Account Center. Under My Account > Personal Profile > Communication, opt-in to receive text messages. Enter your mobile telephone number, select your carrier, and save your changes. If you opt-in to receive text messaging notifications, you will receive text messages on your mobile device.

Give an authorized user the ability to access your account information. To give others (spouse, parent, or family member) permission to view your account information, sign in to the Student Account Center. Under My Account > Authorized Users, enter the e-mail address of the authorized user. Allow this person to view your e-billing statement and to view your payment history. If you choose, the authorized user will only be able to make a payment on your behalf. If you grant access to authorized users, they will receive e-mail notifications and can opt-in to receive text notifications.

Please note: Authorized users cannot see your stored payments methods, academic records, or other personal information.

Receiving Your E-Billing Statements

To ensure that you receive your e-billing statements, please keep your MyUMGC contact information up to date. Navigate to Personal Information in your profile to verify that we have your preferred e-mail address, billing address, and phone number.

Viewing Your E-Billing Statements

UMGC provides you with online access to your student account. You may access your e-billing statement from the Student Account Center.

We encourage you to log in frequently to view the activity on your account, especially if you make changes to your registration. It is important for you to stay informed of your account balance and due dates.

Failure to Pay

Please be aware of UMGC's payment deadlines. Due dates are assigned upon enrollment and displayed in your Student Account Center in MyUMGC.

Failure to pay your balance by the due date can result in disenrollment and loss of services, including the ability to enroll in future semesters and the transfer of your account to the State Central Collections Unit. You can view your account statement and make a payment by logging into your Student Account Center and choosing Make a Payment.

Please note: Even if you do not receive an e-billing statement or other notification about your account balance, you are responsible for all debts incurred with UMGC.

Learn more about penalties for nonpayment.