University of Maryland Global Campus employer and military tuition assistance department functions as the central billing service center for all students who receive tuition assistance from third-party vendors.

We provide students and third-party vendors with customer service, counseling, and consultation. In addition, we provide invoices of tuition, fees, and other authorized charges incurred by students to their employers or sponsors. Whatever your needs, we are here to proactively assist you in meeting your financial obligations to the university.

We are here to assist you with the following:

  • Applying employer-provided tuition assistance

  • Applying military Tuition Assistance

  • Direct invoicing of third-party vendors and military employers or sponsors

  • Applying payments to third-party accounts

  • Collections from third-party vendors

  • Processing refunds to third-party vendors and military employers or sponsors

  • Customer service to third-party vendors, military employers or sponsors, and third-party students

Whether you are a third-party vendor or a student using third-party assistance, tuition coordinators are always on hand to answer your questions and clarify policies. For general questions or customer service, call 800-888-8682 and select option 2. You can also email third-party billing at UMGC for civilian and corporate, military, and veterans.

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