In the event a third-party agency fails to pay the tuition balance at University of Maryland Global Campus, the student is immediately liable for the balance of the account.

The collection effort starts once the first late notice has been sent.  At this time calls are made to the agency to actively pursue collecting payments for outstanding invoices. Also during this time, agencies may send over proof of payment for further research. Follow-up calls/e-mails are made on a weekly basis until the scheduled reversal date of the tuition assistance contract.

Tuition assistance forms are reversed after the final notices have been sent and collection efforts have been made. The student is notified of this reversal via e-mail. Also, the student is informed that payment is now due and is instructed to pay their account balance in full.

After the reinstatement, the student may receive three invoices from the UMGC collections department. Accounts are generally considered delinquent after they are 90 days past due. State law requires UMGC to send delinquent accounts to the State Central Collection Unit of the State Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning. If your account is transferred to SCCU you will be assessed a minimum collection charge of 17 percent plus you will be liable for the attorney or court costs, and your account will be reported to a credit bureau.