Graduate students at University of Maryland Global Campus have access to online tutoring in select courses in accounting, finance, and statistics. They can also access writing-related services and resources in either a writing tutoring classroom or through the Effective Writing Center.

Accounting, Finance, and Statistics

Currently, tutoring is available for the following graduate courses:


  • All graduate ACCT courses
  • FIN 610
  • DMBA 620


  • MBA 620
  • TLP 630
  • MGMT 640


  • CBR_DCL_PRO 600
  • MGMT 650


UMGC offers writing tutoring for select graduate courses. The writing tutors are available through specific tutoring classrooms. To access the tutors, register for the writing tutoring room through a link provided in the content area of your classroom.

Within the writing tutoring classroom, you can

  • leave work in an assignment folder for the tutor to critique before it is due,

  • leave work in a folder to discuss with a tutor after having received feedback from faculty members,

  • post general questions for the tutors to answer, and

  • schedule a Zoom meeting for a live interaction with a tutor.

Working with the writing tutors is meant to help you strengthen your writing skills. Writing tutors do not provide copy editing for your work; they will review your draft to ensure that you have met the requirements specified in the assignment instructions. Additional writing tips and resources are also available within the tutoring rooms. If you’re taking courses that are not assigned to a writing tutoring room, you can receive writing support from the Effective Writing Center.