Advocacy skills are needed in many areas of our lives, including school, work and home. Becoming an effective self-advocate means having the ability to effectively communicate your needs to others.

Here are a few tips to assist you in reaching the goals you have set to accomplish at University of Maryland Global Campus.

  • Know your rights so that you may ask for what is available to you.
  • Know your strengths and challenges and how they affect you.
  • Plan ahead to make your semester a success.
  • Work to find solutions to overcome barriers to reaching your goals.
  • Identify your needs, and come up with a plan to support those needs.
  • Identify your support system.
  • Get to know the instructors and administrators in your program.
  • Know how to communicate about your disability and how it impacts your academic performance.
  • Know how to ask for help and seek out resources when difficulties arise.
  • Recognize that long-term goals are reached by meeting many short-term goals.
  • Recognize and celebrate your successes.

More Self Advocacy Resources

Interact with faculty on your accessibility accommodations.

Work with instructors on accessibility accommodations before, during, and after term.