There are two ways you can join the National Society of Leadership and Success: by invitation or by completing the nomination form. If you have not been invited and would like to join, please complete the NSLS nomination form, and indicate Shelley Hintz as your recommending faculty member. Once you fill out the online application and pay the one-time registration fee, you are considered a pre-inducted member of the society.

Immediately after paying your membership registration dues, you will receive numerous member benefits inside the members' area of the NSLS website. To be officially inducted as a member of the society, you will need to complete the four steps noted below. All steps can be completed online over the course of one or more semesters. While many pre-inducted members complete the four steps in one semester, this is not a requirement for induction.

Steps to Induction

  1. Complete your chapter orientation.

    Read the Membership Handbook and complete a series of orientation questions to prove your understanding of the material covered. Responses are reviewed/approved by the online chapter advisor. The Member Handbook and corresponding questions will be sent to you via e-mail after you sign up.

  2. Complete your leadership training day.

    View a video training session that focuses on exploring challenges, recognizing strengths, identifying passions, and setting up a personal plan to initiate the change needed to move forward as a leader.

  3. View speaker broadcasts online.

    We schedule live streamed events with leaders, celebrities, and best-selling authors six times per year. Topics include leadership, identifying goals, facing challenges, personal growth, and successfully transitioning from college to career. Members can watch live or archived broadcasts.

  4. Participate in three success networking team meetings.

    Members will participate in sessions designed to help set goals and overcome obstacles. Using a proven formula for producing results, you will clarify your goals, benefit from other people's experience, and commit to specific action steps to achieve your desired results. Team write-ups discussing your goals, action steps, and progress are submitted for review by the online chapter advisor.

After completing the three steps, you will receive postinduction benefits, including a certificate of national leadership certification, society insignia pin, and Sigma Alpha Pi tee-shirt, awarded to you at your chapter's induction ceremony. You will also be able to list your membership on your resume.