The University of Maryland Global Campus Ombuds Office was established to provide confidential and informal assistance to the university community. An ombudsperson is an official appointed to receive, investigate, and settle complaints. At UMGC, the university ombudsperson has training in conflict resolution and acts as a confidential, neutral resource for staff, students, and faculty to express concerns. The ombudsperson is tasked with identifying options to address workplace conflicts, facilitating productive communication, and helping others understand and access appropriate university policies and practices. 

You can contact the ombudsperson any time you feel that a confidential conversation or source of information may be needed to help you address an issue at UMGC. The ombudsperson will listen to your concerns, give you information about university policies, help you evaluate your situation, and assist you in making plans to resolve the conflict.  

Contacting the Ombuds Office is voluntary and does not obligate you to follow a specific course of action. Ultimately, you choose whether or not to make use of the Ombuds Office, and you choose the strategy that is best suited to your interests.  

Blair H. Hayes

Blair H. Hayes

Ombudsman, Ombudsman's Office
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Office of Diversity and Equity

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Contact Ombudsman's Office

Blair Hayes


Phone: 800-888-8682, ext. 17910


Because of the confidential, neutral, informal, and independent function of the Ombuds Office, communication with this office does not constitute official notice to University of Maryland Global Campus. Also, please be aware that e-mail is not a secure or confidential method of communication.

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