About Mediation at UMGC

Mediation is an appropriate tool for dealing with workplace- and student-related conflicts, including interpersonal disputes, offensive office behaviors and issues of respect and cooperation.

To provide an effective process for settling disagreements and strengthening relationships among faculty, staff and students, UMGC formed the Mediation Services, led by a certified mediator.

At UMGC, mediation is an informal, impartial and voluntary process, grounded in the university's core values: Students first, accountability, diversity, integrity, excellence, innovation and respect.

During this process, a certified mediator helps the involved parties work through conflict constructively in a confidential setting.


Because confidentiality is critically important to successful mediation, all sessions take place behind closed doors with only the parties involved. Unless legally compelled, the UMGC mediator and associated staff are prohibited from releasing personal information to anyone outside of the process without your written permission.

The Process

If you decide to enter mediation, you must first submit a Request for Mediation Form. You will then speak with a representative from Mediation Services to discuss the issues you want to address and the goals you hope to achieve. All parties will then schedule a time to meet with the mediator for what is typically a two-hour session. The session begins with a brief overview of the process, after which you will sign an Agreement to Mediate Form.  After the issues are framed and the interests identified, each party will have an opportunity to present his/her viewpoint. The mediator will help you work through the problem; identify areas of consensus; assess options for resolution; and, if possible, establish a written agreement.