The Response Emergency Assessment Crisis Team at University of Maryland Global Campus is dedicated to coordinating a proactive and planned approach to facilitate the early identification, prevention, assessment, and management of serious interpersonal distress and/or harmful, disruptive behavior that threatens the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and guests. Do not contact REACT if you have a life-threatening emergency. Call 911 immediately.

In addition to regular meetings, the team will review concerns raised by members of the UMGC community, whose responsibility it is to report violent, dangerous or strange behavior to help prevent harm to anyone at the university.

REACT Resources

Contact REACT

Contact the REACT team at UMGC.

Report suspicious behavior to REACT at UMGC.

More Emergency Resources

Learn about the police agencies serving UMGC's locations in the region.

Get in touch with security at UMGC.

In Case of Emergency

If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or go to an area hospital.

If this is urgent but not a life-threatening emergency, e-mail REACT.