Guidelines for Participation in Social Media

These guidelines for social media at the University of Maryland Global Campus apply to individuals who create or contribute content to UMGC blogs, social networking pages, wikis, or any other kind of social media. We also recommend you review the University System of Maryland Policy on Student Social Media Privacy.

Topics of Discussion

We welcome your comments on UMGC's social media sites. Comments should be courteous and relevant to UMGC and/or the ongoing discussion on that page. Commercial advertising and spam will not be tolerated.

Quality Matters, Even Online

Information posted online may be difficult to remove or fix, leaving an Internet trail that is essentially permanent. Carefully consider what you are about to post, and make an effort to be clear, complete, and concise. You are fully responsible for the content of your contributions.

Respect Information

Do not post or share someone else’s material without the owner’s permission. Please adhere to copyright and fair use guidelines.

Comment Moderation and Monitoring Content

Users may post content anonymously or by name on UMGC's dedicated social media sites. UMGC invites discussion with and between faculty, staff, students, prospective students, and the community. However, UMGC will remove posts that are obscene, violent, offensive, or abusive in nature. UMGC will also remove posts that are in violation of copyright or trademark policies, as well as those that violate the terms of use or terms of conduct of the applicable social media site. 

Following are some general guidelines:

  • Please make sure you are posting in an appropriate manner. We will remove posts that use inappropriate or defamatory language. We will also remove repeated posts containing the same content or spamming. 
  • Please make sure you do not post personal information such as student ID numbers, social security numbers, etc. If you need assistance, e-mail us directly at
  • Please note that if you are part of the UMGC faculty or staff or you are affiliated with UMGC in any way, we welcome your posts, but you are not authorized to speak on behalf of the university without approval. 
  • Please understand this is a community for people to share news and information about UMGC. If you post information that advertises or promotes other products or services or that is not relevant to UMGC, your post may be removed. 
  • Please tell us what you think! We are here to listen to YOU. We welcome all comments that do not violate the above guidelines and will respond as quickly as possible to them.

Social Media Terms and Conditions