If you're curious about how your credits could transfer to University of Maryland Global Campus, you've come to the right place. By creating an account on Transferology, a transfer credit evaluation website powered by CollegeSource, you can estimate how your previous credits from community colleges, four-year colleges or universities, military education and training, and standardized exams can transfer to a bachelor's degree or undergraduate certificate at UMGC.

UMGC's transfer team works to maintain the information in a robust database, which you can use to find courses from many of your former institutions. If you don't see your school or schools listed, that doesn't mean you won't be able to transfer credits. We recommend you contact an advisor to review your findings or to estimate credits from schools or institutions not listed.

How Does Transferology Work?

  • Step 1: Create a Transferology account. The process is quick and easy.
    Make sure you follow the UMGC-provided link to Transferology so that you see UMGC evaluation results.
  • Step 2: Select "Will My Courses Transfer?"
  • Step 3: Look up your previous courses, military education and training, and standardized exams.
  • Step 4: Select "Search for Matches." 
  • Step 5: Select the button that indicates the percentage of your results that match to UMGC coursework.

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial evaluation. We will make an official determination of transfer credit acceptance after you are accepted to UMGC and official transcripts for all of your previously completed coursework have been received.