Whether you're focused on advancing your Federal career or continuing your education, University of Maryland Global Campus offers many programs to help you reach your goals.

And when you apply through the UMGC Federal Education and Development Program, you can complete your program at a substantial savings.

1. Apply

Complete the UMGC application for admission. Remember to select "U.S. Federal Government" as your employer on the application form. As a Federal employee, you'll receive a waiver of the application fee. 

2. Verify Your Employment

Verify your Federal employment to receive the tuition discount and application fee waiver. You must submit proof of eligibility.

  • For you: Your most recent pay stub

If you are a spouse or dependent, we will need additional documentation along with the pay stub of the federal employee.

  • For spouses: a marriage license
  • For dependents: a birth certificate or the most recent tax return on which you were claimed as a dependent.

Please redact all sensitive information with the exception of your name, the name of your agency, and the date on the pay stub. Please be sure to include your UMGC student ID on all documentation.

E-mail copies of these items to cls@umgc.edu or fax them to 301-985-7514. Or, submit a letter from your HR office on your organization's letterhead stating that you are an employee and including the dates of your employment.

Once documentation has been verified, you will receive e-mail confirmation within 48 hours that your student record has been updated.

3. Submit Transcripts for Transfer Credit Evaluation

Request official transcripts from any of your previous institutions of higher education and have them sent to UMGC.

For undergraduate programs, you must submit official transcripts from all institutions previously attended, including high school and any colleges.

For most graduate programs, you can enroll in and begin earning your first 6 credits at UMGC as long as you submit official transcripts demonstrating completion of a bachelor's degree by the last day of the first term of enrollment at UMGC. Some exceptions apply. See graduate admissions for more details.

Attn: Student Records
University of Maryland Global Campus
3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783-8075

Attn: Student Records
University of Maryland Global Campus
3501 University Blvd. East
Adelphi, MD 20783-8075

Note: Current UMGC students, or those with prior coursework taken at UMGC, do not need to submit UMGC transcripts.

Students with foreign credentials must have their transcripts evaluated by an approved international credit evaluation agency such as the International Education and Research Foundation (IERF) or World Education Services (WES).

Learn more about transferring credits.

4. Register for Classes

Once you're admitted to UMGC, you will receive a student ID, sometimes referred to as an EMPLID, so you can register for courses online. Visit the current schedule of classes to view courses, and then register for classes in your online student account. Your admissions advisor can review your transcripts to provide a preliminary estimate of transfer credits and help you select your first classes while your official transcript evaluation is being completed.