University of Maryland Global Campus's Sexual Misconduct Policy prohibits and has zero tolerance for sex- and gender-based discrimination in the form of sexual misconduct. This includes but is not limited to

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual violence
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Sexual intimidation
  • Retaliation for reporting

To Whom Can You Report Sexual Misconduct?

If you or someone you know at UMGC has experienced any of the prohibited behaviors described in UMGC's Sexual Misconduct Policy, you have the right to file an internal complaint with the Title IX Coordinator or a Title IX Investigator.

You can report the experience to any of the following:

You may seek assistance and support from UMGC's Confidential Employee without triggering an investigation or disclosure of the victim's identity. The only exception to confidentiality is when there appears to be an imminent risk of serious harm or when maintaining that confidentiality would result in the violation of a legal requirement.

Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Get answers to your questions about sexual misconduct definitions and reporting.

Learn how a sexual misconduct report is handled at UMGC.

Learn to whom you report sexual misconduct for investigation at UMUC.

Meet the Title IX Coordinator and Learn Your Rights

Learn how the Coordinator supports an environment free from sexual misconduct.

Discuss sexual misconduct with the Confidential Employee.

Read the rights of a person enduring sexual misconduct.

Contact Title IX Coordinator

Steven Alfred


Office: 800-888-8682, ext. 17930

Cell: 301-887-7295


UMGC Headquarters

3501 University Blvd, East

Office of Diversity and Equity , 2316

Adelphi, MD 20783

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Contact Confidential Employee

Blair Hayes


Phone: 800-888-8682, ext. 17910


Contact Security


Phone: 240-684-2911


UMGC Headquarters

3501 University Boulevard East

Administration Building

Adelphi, MD 20783

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Contact Overseas Title IX Investigator

Patricia Jameson

Director, Overseas Diversity and Equity Programs

E-mail (UMUC Europe):

E-mail (UMUC Asia):

CIV: +49 (0)631-53480368, ext. 42032