You can take advantage of two flexible options to transfer credit seamlessly between community colleges and University of Maryland Global Campus. These programs help you earn your bachelor's degree, save money, and work toward your associate at the same time.

Dual Enrollment at UMGC and Community Colleges

With dual enrollment, you can take a class at any participating in-state or out-of-state alliance community college and be enrolled at UMGC at the same time. Your community college courses can transfer to UMGC toward general education requirements, and you can take advantage of on-site classes offered at your community college. This is a popular option for veterans using housing allowance who would like to take on-site classes. Plus, you can work toward your associate and bachelor's at the same time.

Reverse Transfer to Earn Your Associate Degree

If you transferred to University of Maryland Global Campus before completing an associate degree at a community college, the Reverse Transfer program could be the right fit for you.

Under the Reverse Transfer program at UMGC, if you started at a community college but didn't complete your associate degree, you can send transcripts to your previous community college showing the new classes you've taken at UMGC. This program works with any community college, and credits transfer smoothly if you've taken classes at an alliance community college.

If you submit transcripts and find that you still need a few specific courses to complete your associate, our admissions advisors can recommend classes at UMGC that will count toward both degrees. It's the best of both worlds: In most cases, you can remain a UMGC student while you finish up your associate degree. And thanks to our flexible transfer credit policies, up to 70 credits taken at community colleges can count toward your bachelor's degree.

Eligibility for Reverse Transfer

If you have taken more than 45 credits at a community college and you are currently enrolled at UMGC, you can have your transcripts evaluated by an advisor to determine if you have met the associate degree requirements or to identify classes that would complete those requirements.