General technical requirements for using University Maryland Global Campus online classroom include

  • A computer running a compatible web browser
  • A connection to the Internet
  • An e-mail account
  • Speakers or headphones to hear audio from a computer
  • Virus protection software (updated regularly)

Additional technical requirements are available for UMGC's learning environment

Some academic programs have additional technical requirements. Students should consult the section on the degree program they are considering.

Note: Technical requirements are subject to change.


Online classes are accessible using a variety of Web browsers. Google Chrome is typically the most reliable browser for using LEO. The following popular browsers are available for download at no cost:

Internet Access

Students are responsible for their own Internet access, and a high-speed connection is recommended.

E-Mail Account

All UMGC students are required to provide an active e-mail account where they can receive messages from the university. Students may use their UMGC e-mail address, or they may use a personal, work, or other e-mail address.