To promote a positive, collegial atmosphere among students, faculty, and staff, University of Maryland Global Campus has developed the following code of civility.

Code of Civility


Treat all students, faculty, and staff with respect and in a professional and courteous manner at all times, whether in person or in written communication (including e-mail).


Refrain from using profanities, insults, or other disparaging remarks.


Endeavor to cite only the truth and not knowingly misrepresent, mischaracterize, or misquote information received from others.


Take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming others.


Work together with other students, faculty, and staff in a spirit of cooperation toward our common goals of seeking and providing a quality education.


Strive to uphold the right to privacy and not talk about others.


Respect the differences in people and their ideas and opinions and reject bigotry.

Advisor Confidentiality

Advisors should respect student privacy. However, they have an obligation to report any information they learn about violations of the law or of UMGC policies, particularly in cases of academic misconduct or endangerment to the student or to others. Academic misconduct needs to be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity and Accountability. Endangerment needs to be reported to Student Resolution and Judicial Affairs in the Student Affairs office.

Academic Advising Policy

Read the academic advising policy in the Administration section to learn more about how advisors can support you towards your goals at UMGC.