University of Maryland Global Campus strives to provide students and faculty with the technology and computing services they need. Here you can find information concerning your use of UMGC technology resources, equipment, and software.

Technical Support

Visit the Help Center for answers to your questions about the online classroom, MyUMGC, and other technology resources. Technical support is available 24 hours a day via self help, phone, chat, and e-mail.

Computer and Software Discounts

Students, faculty, and staff may be able to receive a discount on personal purchases of computers and software from participating retailers. Students may also be able to download Microsoft Office or access Office 365 Education at no cost.

Visit the links below to purchase hardware:

Visit the links below to purchase and download software:

Computing Resources Policies

The computer and network facilities of UMGC are provided to support the educational experience at the university. All usage and storage of information on UMGC computer systems is subject to review by authorized UMGC staff.

Unauthorized and/or inappropriate use of these facilities is prohibited and may result in suspension or termination of your account, in accordance with UMGC policies.

Downloading music, movies, and other copyrighted material, without the required permissions, may be copyright infringement. Misuse also includes any violations of the UMGC Code of Student Conduct and applicable state and federal laws.

Individuals using UMGC computing resources may be subject to the following policies. Please note that links will take you to the Administration section.

Students with Disabilities

Students who need technology accommodations because of a disability should contact Accessibility Services

Computer Labs

View information about UMGC's computer labs.